We need people who can help keep the party office open -- and make it a welcoming place for everyone who enters our doors. If you'd like to support the party in this critically-important way, let us know! 

Precinct Committee People (or PCPs) are the heart, soul, and strength of the Democratic Party.


Grassroots democracy begins with PCPs. They represent the Party to their neighbors, and in turn, they are the eyes and ears of our Party, letting us know about the issues that matter to voters in El Paso County.


The Party relies on PCPs to make THE difference in elections by connecting on a one-to-one basis with Democratic voters in their neighborhoods.  PCPs receive the training they need to be able to effectively answer any questions voters have, let voters know about Democratic candidates for office, and encourage Democrats to get out and vote.


Only with the active support of our PCPs can the El Paso Democratic Party succeed in electing good candidates to all levels of public office.

Each precinct in El Paso County is supposed to have at least two PCPs. Some precincts have only one; others have no PCPs.  

You can learn all about what it means to be a PCP by stopping by the El Paso Democratic Party office on any Sunday. You'll find a fun, enthusiastic bunch of Dems who will be really, REALLY glad to see you!


In one two-hour meeting you'll learn everything you need to know about being the face and voice of the Democratic Party where it counts most:  in your neighborhood!

PCP Trainings:  (TBA - New schedule coming soon)

Sundays in February , 2 - 4 p.m. or

Wednesdays in February, 7 to 8 p.m.


El Paso County Democratic Party Office

332 W. Bijou St. #101

PCP Outreach and Development:

WEEKLY and On-line TBA

(new schedule being developed)

Fundraising, grassroots organizing, communications, events -- all of these committees are vital to the success of the party, and they're fun to be a part of.

Contact Us
at 719-473-8713
332 W. Bijou St., #101, Colorado Springs
719.473.8713 | epcdems@gmail.com
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