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VAN and miniVAN 

Manuals, Guides and Instructions

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Creating an ActionID

How-to instructions upon receipt of an ActionID invitation email

Instructions for creating VAN login credentials (and actionID) and getting logged in for the first time.

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The VANual

Official VAN Manual from NGP VAN (the creators of VAN)

Basic VAN features.

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VAN Information for Precinct Organizers

From the Colorado Democrats

Basics of VAN for precinct organizers.

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The miniVANual

Official miniVAN Manual from NGP VAN (the creators of VAN)

This manual focuses primarily on the administration of miniVAN from within VAN.

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miniVAN Canvasser Guide

Manual created by the DFL (MN Democratic Party)

This manual focuses on installing and using miniVAN on your phone or tablet.


miniVAN App Tutorial

youTube video

How-to video for getting started with miniVAN

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