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Primary Ballot Status

John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff have secured positions on the primary ballot! Hickenlooper's petition signatures were approved and deemed sufficient on 3/16/20. He then withdrew from the assembly process. Romanoff made the primary ballot by securing 86% of the vote at the State Assembly on 4/18/20.

Breaking News!

Update 5/7/2020: June Primary Ballot Formally Certified by CO Secretary of State. Hickenlooper and Romanoff will be the only US Senate candidates on the primary ballot. Read about it here.


Update 5/4/2020: Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Adding Additional Candidates To 2020 Senate Primary Ballot . Read about it here.


Both Michelle Ferrigno Warren and Lorena Garica petitioned the courts asking for relief in the petition signature requirements. Neither candidate was able to collect sufficient valid signatures by the 3/17/20 deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 4/21/20, a Denver District Court Judge granted Warren a spot on the primary ballot saying the fact that she was able to collect half the necessary signatures “suggests Ms. Ferrigno Warren has a ‘significant modicum’ of support for her candidacy.” Read more about it here. Both Lorena Garcia and Diana Bray also turned in petition signatures by the deadline.

Candidates on the Primary Ballot

Fmr. Gov. John Hickenlooper

2020 Candidate for US Senate
Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Petition + Caucus/Assembly

I’m running to give Colorado’s priorities and values a voice in Washington. Right now we’re represented by a senator who works to undo our progress by voting 99% of the time with Donald Trump and going along with Mitch McConnell’s obstruction and partisan political games.

John Hickenlooper didn’t take the usual path to public office. After working as a geologist, he became a brewer and small business owner whose successful pub was a part of the revitalization of a neglected warehouse district in Denver.

John’s independence was a hallmark of his record as mayor, where he brought people together to get things done. It was the same approach John took as governor, where he helped take the state from 40th in job creation to the top economy in the country.

John is running for Senate to make Washington work for Coloradans by bringing people together to lower health care and prescription drug costs, to keep our families safe from gun violence, and protect the state’s public lands while also combating climate change.

Fmr. State House Speaker Andrew Romanoff

2020 Candidate for US Senate
Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Caucus/Assembly 

Why I'm Running....


CATASTROPHIC rise in greenhouse gases. An administration consumed by chaos and scandal. An economy that leaves millions of us behind.

We’re running out of time to rescue our planet, repair our democracy, and restore the American Dream. That’s why I’m running for the U.S. Senate.

More than a million Coloradans struggle to afford medical care or a place to live. Carbon pollution kills millions of people around the globe and plunges even more into poverty. Drug addiction and gun violence claim the lives of more than 300 Americans each day. 

Meanwhile the president shuts down the government and demonizes anyone who disagrees with him. The free press, an independent judiciary, even the right to vote come under attack. 

It’s not just Donald Trump who’s at fault here. It’s the politicians—and the system—that enable these problems to persist. 

Polluters gut our environmental laws. Drug companies gouge consumers and stifle competition. The gun lobby crushes any measures that stand in its way.

That’s what happens when the Supreme Court turns corporations into people and money into speech. Special interests bankroll Congress and block reform.

We deserve better. 

We deserve leaders willing to defy the president—and even their own party—when their conscience demands it. Leaders who will put our lives first. 

I’ve spent the past four years fighting for mental health care, driven by a tragedy in my own family and by the pain I’ve felt in so many others. When I joined Mental Health Colorado, I told my team that I wanted the pace of our work to match the urgency of our mission.

There’s no such urgency in the U.S. Senate.

We’ve seen children caged, bigots emboldened, fundamental freedoms under fire. I’ll stand up to this administration—and any other—that violates our values.

I’ll lead the fight for Medicare for all; good jobs and the education and training they require; and a Green New Deal to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy.

I’ll fight for comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship. For me, this fight is personal; I wouldn’t be in America if our nation hadn’t opened its doors to my mother and all four of my grandparents.

If we’re serious about winning these fights, we need to change the way we finance campaigns. I’ll lead by example—just as I did a decade ago—by turning down contributions from political action committees.

My campaign, like my career, is grounded in the people of Colorado. I know firsthand what women and men of goodwill can achieve when united by a common purpose. 

That’s reason enough to fight anew.


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