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State Senate Democratic Candidates 2020

Up for Election in 2022

State Senate District 2 

State Senate District 9 

Please Consider Running For Office in 2022
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Randi McCallian

2020 Candidate for State Senate District 10
I am running for office to represent our district and a progressive future for Colorado; one in which we support all families, protect our beautiful land, and become leaders in renewable energy. 

For over a decade, I have supported families as a birth and postpartum doula, behavioral therapist for children with Autism, Early Head Start Home-Visitor, and an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My work experience includes positions with a state-wide perinatal health collaborative and as the Director of a 3-year, multi-state, maternal and child health program.

I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health, which gives me a strong understanding of how systems and policy shape our health and choices, and ultimately, how I can shape those systems to benefit all people. 

Serving hundreds of families, and my own challenging journey as a parent myself, have given me a strong understanding of the supports we need to help families thrive. Safe and respectful maternity care, paid leave policies, quality and affordable childcare… these are not our hurdles to face alone. I care deeply about protecting our environment and ensuring our children have a more stable economy as they enter increasingly unstable times. 

My husband and I have two young children and five rescued animals. As a family, we love working in our backyard garden, enjoying our city’s lovely parks, and joining local advocacy and activism events. If I have a few moments alone, I can be found crafting, reading, or cuddling with a cat. Recent commitments include serving as the President of the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition and as a member of the Pikes Peak Regional Doulas Association.

I believe it is the government’s moral responsibility to not only protect families, but to ensure communities in which we live thrive. We feel the crushing stress that 30 years of deregulation, oppressive corporate power, and income inequality has brought to the majority of Americans, and it’s time to put power back into the hands of the people.

Bold leadership and new perspectives are critical to addressing the challenges we face today and I want to stand boldly, for you.

Together we rise.


Electra Johnson

2020 Candidate for State Senate District 12


Electra Johnson has deep roots in Colorado.  Her maternal great grandfather was a “Wobbly” during the Southern Colorado Coalfield War.  Her paternal grandfather was an artist as well as a Lt Colonel and decorated fighter pilot in the Air force. Electra Johnson is an independent voice and 3rd generation Colorado Native. Electra lost her mother to suicide at 18 months but her strong community and rural roots gave her resiliency to grow fearless. From bucking bales and irrigating fields as a kid, to years of work as a project manager, architectural and urban designer, Electra Johnson is a team player, a bridge builder, a solution architect and a visionary. Electra’s experience ranges from large scale regional infrastructure planning, transportation planning, to working with teams of people to transform cities, communities and solve problems with extremely limited budgets as well as multi-million dollar long-term projects. Electra has also lived on 5 continents and chose to come back to Colorado mountains, to the freedom of the wind in the Ponderosa’s and the bright stars overhead to raise her family with her husband Scott Johnson, also a Colorado native, an artist and professor at Colorado College. Integrity, dignity, collaboration and listening guide Electra’s approach to service and to leadership.

Electra has practiced Urban & Architectural design for the last 20 years.  As an Urban Designer her focus is the use of regenerative design that transforms society and nurture community.  Electra has a Master’s degree in Urban Design and in Architecture as well as Bachelors Degrees in Construction Management and Interior Design.  Electra’s varied experience bridges Architecture and Urban Design with a particular focus in Infrastructure. Her community design work focuses on the overlapping process and systems of community based regenerative infrastructure including; transit, sustainable building form, local sustainable agriculture, cogeneration, solar and wind energy, natural water treatment, civic infrastructure, local economic infrastructure, habitat and waterway restoration as well community restoration.  

 In Colorado she has written, illustrated and co-authored codes, guidelines and standards for the city of Thornton, Westminster, Boulder, and developments in Bradburn and Belmar.  She was a team member for the Huerfano County Parks and Recreation Master Plan and won a governors award for her work with at risk youth in the community taking forgotten places and making them precious again.  She has worked in Rocky Mountain National Park developing guidelines and a master plan for the Trail River Ranch Educational Facility. Nationally she has written standards, codes, overlay district plans, guidelines and master plans for the city of Honolulu, Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas.   She was on the Smart growth task for the EPA. 

 As a Colorado Native, she has deep understanding of the issues, impacts and benefits of growth, development & land use affecting this state as well as a deep love for the natural environment.  Electra is committed to equality and education.  As the descendent of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Italy Electra is deeply appreciative of the incredible diversity of the El Paso County community. 

Electra looks forward to serving you as your Colorado State Senator for District 12 because our children deserve better than what we are leaving them.

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