2022 State House District Candidates

Your districts may have changed due to redistricting. To find your current districts, see your voter registration, at govotecolorado.gov,  under the County & District tab.

House District 14


Rob Rogers

Website: robrogers.org

Facebook: @electrobrogers

Twitter: @electrobrogers

Email: info@robrogers.org


House District 15


Alvin (AJ) Sexton

Website: alvinsexton.com

Facebook: Alvinsexton2022

Twitter: @AJSextonIII

Instagram: @aj_sexton89

Tiktok: @alvin.sexton

Email: alvinsexton@alvinsexton.com


House District 16

HD 16 Stephanie Vigil.jpg

Stephanie Vigil

Website: www.stephanievigil.com

Facebook: VigilForHD16

Twitter: @VigilForHD16

Instagram: @VigilForHD16

Email: info@stephanievigil.com


House District 17

Regina English HD17.jpg

Regina English

Website: reginaenglish.org

Facebook: regina.guyenglish

Twitter: ReginaEnglish43

Email: regina4costaterep@gmail.com


House District 18

Marc Snyder.png

Marc Snyder

Website: snyderforcolorado.com

Facebook: marcsnyderforHD18

Twitter: @MarcSnyderHD18

Email: marc.snyder.house@state.co.us


House District 20


No Candidate in HD20

If you would like to run for this seat, please email or call the office. epcdems@gmail.com or 719-473-8713.

House District 21


Kolten Montgomery

Website: koltenmontgomery.com

Email: koltenmontgomery@gmail.com


House District 22


Blake Garner

Website: BlakeGarner.org

Facebook: garnerforco22

Twitter: @GarnerCO22

Email: garnerforco22@pm.me


House District 56

House District 56 spans multiple counties, including El Paso County. 


Kathleen Conway

Facebook: conwayforhd56

Email: Lisa1ststopbb@yahoo.com

Sent contributions to Conway For HD 56 at 43435 Midsummer Lane, Elizabeth, CO 80107.