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State House Democratic Candidates 2020


John Foley

2020 Candidate for State House District 14
I am a retired Army officer running to represent Colorado in House District 14. The bottom-line up front is that we now face uncharted, and yes, frightening times. We all have a right to be scared, it’s nothing to be ashamed of under the current circumstances. As any combat veteran will tell you, a little fear is a good thing, because it keeps you on your toes. One thing the military teaches, is to adapt and overcome challenges.  Our number #1 goal is to protect and care for our community.  During this crisis we need proper preventive and supportive care, especially of our vulnerable children and elderly. We must also defend civil liberties and remain vigilant against scapegoating and hate crimes. We also need to improve all aspects of our infrastructure: health care, supply chain and civil infrastructure. We need to use this opportunity to bring Colorado infrastructure into the twenty-first century, with ecological wisdom, to protect our climate, grow our economy, and improve our quality of life.  Finally, this medical crisis is our “Sputnik moment”, and we need to double down on our educational STEAM programs (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).  We need to equip our students and teachers with the resources to succeed in the 21st century.  I know we can adapt and overcome the challenges facing us now if we build our community ties, and work as a team. We should look at these challenges as opportunities we can tackle together to make Colorado succeed.

John L. Pyne IV

2020 Candidate for State House District 15

I am running for HD 15 because I have lived a privileged life by the blind luck of circumstance. I mean to use that luck to fight the current system and to build one where simple survival is not uncertain in people’s lives. This means fighting for universal access to the basics of a healthy environment, secure housing, a job for everyone that pays a living wage, and healthcare. Colorado is a beautiful, vibrant, prosperous state that is more than capable of guaranteeing these basic universal needs to everyone who lives here.

As for the question of how I see us creating that future I certainly have ideas. Extensive, low-cost public transit, universal single-payer healthcare, and a just transition to a green energy economy that will create thousands of jobs and ensure our future survival. But I don’t plan to dictate what I think is needed for HD 15 or for our state. My campaign and my time in office will be fundamentally built on listening to and learning from the personal stories and lived experiences of everyone I represent and everyone across our great state that believes tomorrow needs to be far greater than today.


If you would like to hear more and get involved please don’t hesitate to reach out.

E-mail me at -

Find my campaign on facebook at


Stephanie Vigil

2020 Candidate for State House District 16

I’m running to represent House District 16 in the Colorado State Legislature because perspectives like mine need to be present and accounted for where our laws are being made. I don’t come to this work with a law degree or any formal education in public policy; I come to this work as a survivor of childhood trauma and subsequent poverty and disability. I got to live to fight another day because of a combination of our humble social safety net, support from siblings, and returning to Colorado Springs after some years away.

I don't accept that this is the best we can do for ourselves: permitting essential resources like healthcare, housing, and transit to be left to the whims of volatile markets, and leaving so many behind. There is no reason why a thriving economy like we have in Colorado should provide anything less than a solid foundation on which all Coloradans can thrive.

Tony Exum

Colorado Representative for House District 17 - Re-Election 2020

The Representative for Colorado's 17th House District, Tony has lived in Southeast COS for more than 60 years--36 of which he spent as a local firefighter. From running into burning buildings, to passing legislation ensuring that every child gets to start the school day with a full stomach, public service has been the driving motivation behind Tony's entire adult life. 

Marc Snyder

2018 Candidate for State House District 18

Marc Snyder

Colorado Representative for House District 18 - Re-Election 2020

Folks in the Pikes Peak region are most likely to recognize me from my 12-year tenure – six of those as mayor – on the Manitou Springs City Council, from which I retired in January 2016. It was certainly an extraordinary time to be at the helm as we faced catastrophic fires and floods, a recession, and numerous other landmark changes to our institutions and infrastructure. Fortunately, I was surrounded by a lot of smart people and I was able to apply the skills, connections, and experience I’ve honed over my diverse 30-year-career. Together, we were able to secure grants for flood damage and mitigation that will protect Manitou for generations, which makes me very proud. Marijuana dispensaries now contribute over $1 million every year to the city’s coffers, a revenue stream that is literally helping to pave the way toward all sorts of local improvements. And, we expanded open space to Iron Mountain and the Manitou Incline which provide unique recreational opportunities to our citizens and visitors.

By profession, I am an attorney. My practice is in wills, trusts, and estates law, specializing in helping families with adults or children who have disabilities. This area of law has been my focus since I opened the doors to my practice on West Colorado Avenue in 1995 and fulfills a long-held desire I have always had to protect and defend the rights of citizens with special needs.

I obtained my law degree from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia in 1987. I began my legal career as an attorney for a title services company in Rockville, Maryland. During that time, my future-wife, Kelly, and I met on a co-ed softball team in a rec league at the National Institutes of Health, where Kelly was working as a paralegal and I was brought in as a “ringer” to help a struggling team. We eventually became engaged and began a search to find the perfect location to start a family and be closer to her western-based roots. As we toured the region, , we fell in love with Manitou Springs … its natural beauty, close-knit community and proximity to Colorado Springs, where I could hang out my shingle and open my law practice.

Kelly and I were married in El Paso, Texas on March 19, 1995 and began our life together in Colorado shortly thereafter. I launched my law practice and Kelly became a homemaker, uber volunteer and community activist. We have two wonderful daughters who were raised in Manitou Springs and are currently attending college.

But my professional life is only a part of my story, because I have always had a keen interest in community issues and have worked tirelessly throughout my adult life in roles that allow me to participate in making the world around me better. I was elected city-wide five times in Manitou Springs: twice as an at-large city councilor and three times as Mayor.

Over the past two decades, I have served as a leader and a member of more than a dozen county and regional entities working to improve local transportation, health, economic development, building, sustainability, urban renewal, restorative justice, and military care.

I am a person who serves with joy — the joy of working with incredible people, the joy of building an even stronger and more vibrant community, the joy of knowing that in some small way, I’m helping leave a better world for my children and the generations to come. I am eager to apply my knowledge and background in a new role as your state representative. We’ve come a long way together since 1995, but there’s so much left to do. Please join me as I continue to work to make our community the very best it can be.


Joe Thompson

2020 Candidate for State House District 19

I am running for Colorado House of Representatives because I have a passion for educating the younger generation and the future of our country.  We need to ensure our youth have the skills to compete effectively in the changing world which requires strong skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) which will assist in attracting new industry into our state.  


Born in Gastonia, North Carolina, raised as an Army brat and grew up on military bases.  I earned a B.A. in Sociology from Rutgers University on an ROTC scholarship, commissioned in the U.S. Army, and served three years as an Infantry Officer in the Berlin Brigade during the Cold War.  A disabled vet, I served 35 years working for the Department of Defense in Germany, Bosnia, Kuwait, the Pentagon, and Fort Eustis, Virginia. As a Senior Management Analyst, I managed the Budget and Force Structure needs of many large Army organizations and worked at the Pentagon during 9/11.  The last 10 years of my career were managing training resources of all Army personnel and overseeing the update of curriculum that hadn’t changed in 40 years.  Upon my retirement in 2017, I moved to Colorado with my wife who grew up and raised her family in Colorado.


I have a strong belief in the need for finding and implementing renewable energy sources.  It is important that Colorado be in the forefront of the development of solar, wind, geothermal and other alternatives to fossil fuels so we can reverse the effects of climate change on our environment.  We live in a rapidly changing world and if we do not get a handle on these changes, we, as a state will find our quality of life continually diminishing.  This has been proven recently by the measurable improvements in our air and water quality across the globe during this global health crisis. 


America was God’s Last Great Creation.  He brought together peoples from every race, creed, culture, religion, and nation and placed us on the continent of North America.  We are a diverse people who, when faced with change, will, as I learned in the Army, “Adapt, Adjust, and Overcome”.   I would be honored to represent you in the Colorado House, and together we will ensure Colorado will be all it can be.                                                                                                                                                                          


Phone: 757-349-0624

Meg Fossinger 2.jpg

Meg Fossinger

2020 Candidate for State House District 20

Meg was born in Colorado Springs and graduated from Cheyenne Mountain High School. She went to the University of Northern Colorado and earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. 

She has worked in the social work field for over 10 years. She has worked with adults with severe mental illness, juveniles in the criminal justice system, victims and survivors of sexual assault, and in the court system. 

Meg has volunteered for a number of groups and organizations in our community,  including the American Red Cross, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Hear, Here Poetry. 

Meg is running because she believes the words, "justice for all," are a promise, and one that we must do a better job of living up to. She is committed to fighting for educational justice, criminal justice reform, access to affordable health care, and environmental protections. 


Liz Rosenbaum

2020 Candidate for State House District 21

Entrepreneur. Mother. Advocate. Educator. Friend.

These are just a few of the words that describe Liz Rosenbaum. Liz has spent a life helping others and is now taking her commitment to service to the Colorado state capitol, running to be your State Representative in Colorado’s House District 21.


Whether it’s raising a family, teaching young minds, leading military families through fearful times following the 9/11 attacks, starting her own business, or founding the Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition, Liz has known one thing: the value of an outstretched hand, a smile, and a friendly voice on the other end of the phone is universal. If we want to solve the challenging issues of our time, we must solve them together.


From leading the charge to secure clean water for Fountain Valley residents to supporting immediate implementation of internet and broadband access in rural areas, Liz personally understands the issues of the area and how they impact the residents of Colorado’s House District 21. Her friends are her neighbors and her neighbors are her friends. She freely gives out her cell phone number so she can be accessible and answer questions; a rare quality.


Liz is a champion of women’s rights, universal health care, and protection of our natural resources. Liz believes that being a representative means actual representation, accessibility, and accountability, something for which she will work every day to achieve for the hard-working people of the Fountain Valley.





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