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Request a Voter List

Please fill out this form to request a voter list for your precinct.

Request Ballot Chasing Voter Lists
For all requests, you will be sent 2 lists. 1. Voters with non-textable phones in VAN for making phone calls
2. A turf map and list for voters with no phone contact information in VAN
If you want your two lists in different forms (PDF vs miniVAN), please describe what you are looking for in the comment box.

For miniVAN voter list

requests only.

The following 3 fields are for miniVAN requests only.

Note that canvassers must have an VAN Action ID to receive a list in miniVAN directly without using a list number.

miniVAN receipt method:

Divide my list(s) into the following number of equal parts

Select number of turfs

Request sent successfully!

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