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Precinct Organizer Information

What is a Precict Organizer?
What is a Precinct Organizer?

Precinct Organizers are the Heart and Soul of the Democratic Party


Precinct Organizers are grassroots neighborhood leaders and party officers. They are crucial to our Party’s success. Precinct organizers do voter outreach and education within their neighborhood. This may include:

  • Distributing candidate and party literature

  • Helping register voters

  • Providing information about elections and caucus

  • Encouraging voters to the turn in their ballot and vote the whole ballot every time

Precinct organizers are encouraged to recruit volunteers to help.


Precincts elect up to two Precinct Organizers at Caucus in even years to serve a two-year term. If there’s a vacancy, Precinct organizers can be appointed at any time. Precinct organizers are members of their county’s Central Committee — the County Party’s governing body — and represent all of the Democrats within their precinct at meetings.


As Precinct Organizer, you will:

  • Attend Precinct Organizer training. A minimum 3 hours are required. Additional training and mentorship is available including hours for drop-in help.

  • Attend up to two County Central Committee Meetings a year (summer/winter).

  • Manage precinct get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drives for elections and caucus. You and your team will connect with precinct neighbors to

    • Inform them about upcoming caucus and elections.

    • Educate them on  candidates and issues.

    • Educate them on the purpose of caucus.

    • Listen to their concerns.

    • Encourage their participation.

  • Chair your precinct caucus if needed (we are not using this method in 2022). Training on how to run your caucus will be provided!


If your precinct already has 2 precinct organizers and you still wish to get involved, you  may become helper in your precinct or you may become an Adoptive Precinct Organizer. Adoptive Precinct Organizers carry out the same tasks as Precinct Organizers in their assigned precincts but at NOT members of the county Central Committee per state statute. Adoptive Precinct Organizers are appointed by the county party to precincts with no precinct organizer elected at caucus.


The El Paso Democratic Party Precinct Organizing Team will support you with leadership, mentorship, tools, training and information. 

When Democrats vote, Democrats win.

Precinct Organizers make it happen!!


Multiple sessions of Precinct Organizer training will be scheduled in the two months following caucus. Precinct Organizers elected at caucus will receive an email shortly after caucus with information on available training and registration.

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