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October 2019 Newsletter


Dear Democrats and Progressives of El Paso County,

We are nearly one year out from the 2020 Presidential election and this is where we start to move forward again and take back our democracy.  In the last three years not only our country, but our environment, our humanity and our democracy have taken a beating. Despite all the regressive policies coming from Washington we are still moving things forward in El Paso County and in Colorado.  As your local party chair I have been working to build the team we need to elect Democrats across El Paso County, to move the platform toward a more progressive vision and to mobilize and connect the more than 100,000 Democrats in El Paso County. 

It is because of you that we elected a full slate at the state level. It is because of you that we filled all candidate seats and ran Democrats in every single race, as mandated by the state party.  It is because of you that we defeated the recall efforts against Pete Lee and Jared Polis, and because of you Tony Exum is no longer on the recall list.  It is because of you, in precincts that involved precinct committee people organizing, we won more than 50% of the unaffiliated vote and mobilized Democrats across the county! 

Active Precinct Committee People (PCPs) do make a significant difference! 

We are pushing forward with a full calendar of programming for the rest of 2019, 2020 and on to 2021. Please see the listing below for the October / November  Party sponsored events. We are planning a Monthly Newsletter, this is the bones of it, please send in submissions and ideas to epcdems@gmail.com. We will continue to send out the weekly Blast with all relevant events as well.  

In addition to our monthly 2nd Thursday DEM Social Hour at The Bench 10/10, we will also be we are adding a monthly 2nd Tuesday Democratic Community Meeting to bring you up to speed  and get involved for 2020!   This month’s upcoming Tuesday meeting, October 8th at the IBEW local 113, will be focused on this November's ballot issues and candidates for the election 11/5.  We have school board and municipal candidates coming and we will have sample ballots for inspection. The Bell Policy Center will explain Prop CC and DD on the ballot as well. Please  bring your business cards if you are a democratic or progressive business owner, as we will trade those at the event.

On Sunday November 9th, at 10 AM we will convene  the County Central Committee Meeting at which we will conduct several pieces of party business including a vote to adopt our long awaited strategic plan for 2020.

Other party building tasks we’re undertaking that day to prepare for the upcoming Caucus on March 3, 2020:

At 12PM we launch our county-wide volunteer empowerment drive and precinct committee person round up! 

Exciting and inspiring speeches from the officers and committee chairs!

Voter Registrar Training - half an hour and you can register people to vote!

Precinct Committee Person (PCP) training - help organize your neighborhood! (Don't mourn, organize! -- Joe Hill)

The public is invited to attend and watch the Central Committee in action at 10am.

With a “Big Thanks” due to all our amazing volunteers we have had a productive year! Our 4th Thursday Film Series for 2018 was a tremendous success. The series tackled such difficult topics as water contamination in Fountain and the teen suicide epidemic, shining a brighter light on difficult topics that our county faces and is dealing with. ( NOTE: 4th Thursday Films will be on hiatus until next year).

We put together 35 different ballot guides encompassing all House Districts in 2018 and ran a coordinated campaign with candidates in every race. We intend to do that again and are looking for a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator who would be willing to run that program in 2020.  

We are also looking for a dedicated Fundraising chair to run our fundraising efforts so that we can expand our capability into 2020 to reach Dems and unaffiliated voters (and maybe a few Republicans) in the county.  We would like to become much more visible in the community in 2020 with billboards for candidates and a full county coordinated campaign.

The Caucus, which is Saturday March 8, 2020 at 2 pm, will be held in high schools across the county.  Our cost will be around $3000 for weekend janitorial services. We are also preparing for our Assembly on March 28, 2020 at UCCS, which will cost us about $12,000, that's almost $5000.00 more 2018!

We need your contributions to make this happen. We'll need about $15,000 total, and so far you’ve donated about $5900 toward these goals.  

Because we are 100% locally funded and run by a 100% volunteer organization, we need everyone's financial support!  Thanking you in advance. 

Please make a one-time contribution toward Caucus or consider becoming a monthly member, your monthly contribution makes budgeting the programming possible.

Join our donor club by becoming a monthly member.

Please see the listings for volunteer opportunities below, we need each and every one of your involvement to turn this around and to elect a Democratic Senator and President in 2020. Thank You for your participation!

On a final note, the executive Committee of The El Paso County Democratic Party believes in the responsibility we all have to the party, each other, our community and to democracy. The Bailey family and Colorado Springs community and local law enforcement deserve answers, and accountability. We support Governor Polis's call for an independent investigation in the De'Von Bailey tragedy. 

In Solidarity with Liberty and Justice for All,

Electra Johnson

Chair, El Paso County Democratic Party

UPCOMING PARTY EVENTSOCTOBER 2nd Tuesdays El Paso County Democratic Monthly Meeting Tuesday, October 8th,  6:30-8:30PM  IBEW 2150 Naegele Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80904Party Update and PlansWhat is on your November 2019 Ballot?Bell Policy Center explains Prop CC and DD.School Board and City Council candidates, from Manitou and Fountain.Dem Biz- 2-minute presentation from Local Democratic Business and exchange of cards.  2nd Thursday DEM Social Hour! Thursday October 10,  5:30 - 7PM The Bench, 424 S Nevada Guest speakers Bethany Grob Winder and Kristine Hembre will give us an update on Single Payer Health Care, where we stand today. (2nd Thursday goes on hiatus until the New Year)Candidate Development Training Part 1 - Becoming a Candidate Wednesday October 16,  5:30PM EPCO Dem Party Office Please RSVP to epcdems@gmail.comCandidate Development Training Part 2 - Developing a Campaign Wednesday October 23,   5:30PM EPCO Dem Party Office Please RSVP to epcdems@gmail.comEPCO Young Dems Elections And Halloween Party! Monday October 28, 6-8PM EPCO Dem Party Office Open Elections for the following positions: ChairVice ChairSecretary 4 voting Board positionsSend a letter of interest to epcdems@gmail.com by 10/21.NOVEMBER Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade November 2nd, Downtown March with The Pikes Peak Democratic Veterans in the Veterans Day Parade. Join us, bring kids and dogs! Let's show our support for our Vets! Contact the office for details at epcdems@gmail.com or 473-8713. Deadline for Candidate to Affiliate as a Dem To Run in 2020  November 3, 2019November 5 2019 - Election Day!  (Not Party Sponsored but the reason we exist)Environmental Initiative Officer Elections November 6, 6PM  EPCO Dem Party Office  Officer Positions       Chair       Vice Chair       2nd Vice Chair       Secretary       Communications Newsletter Chair.Please send an email to the office if you want to run.  epcdems@gmail.comEl Paso County Central Committee Meeting, PCP Round Up and Volunteer Empowerment Drive for 2020! November 9th, Time to be announced. Pipefitters HallPCP TrainingVoter Registration Training Letter From Pikes Peak Democratic Veterans Group: 

A Democratic Party Sponsored Local Initiative

Dear Fellow Democrat,  

Some time in the past, you alerted the El Paso County Democratic Party that you were interested in veterans issues. Maybe you are a veteran, or the  family member or friend of a veteran. Or, maybe you are just like most Americans and want to see our veterans, Active, Guard, and Reserve military members and their  families respected and cared for. You said you were interested; now is your chance to act. 

For some strange reason, many Americans don’t believe that a veteran – or someone who supports veterans – can be a Democrat. But, according to a recent Pew Research survey, 29% of American veterans identify as Democrats; about 50% of their family members do as well.  If you consider that there are more than 80,000 veterans in the Pikes Peak region alone, that means that more than 23,000 voters are probably Democrats.

The numbers don’t surprise me. Veterans have seen the world, with all it’s glory and troubles. We’ve seen how fragile democracy can be when abused. We’ve seen more effective teams built by honoring diversity. We’ve learned how to separate real danger from false alarms.  

We are the Pikes Peak Democratic Veterans, an official initiative of the El Paso County Democratic Party.  You can find us on Facebook by searching for “CODemVets.”  We have an opportunity to show this community that Democrats love our veterans, love our country, honor our military and stand for everyone’s freedom. On November 2 we are marching in the Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade.  Will you join us? 

Every Democrat who supports the military and our veterans is welcome to march with us. Let us know you are coming by signing up on the Facebook page we have created for the event. And, while you’re there; please follow us on Facebook for more opportunities to stand up for our military and our veterans. 


Mike Pierson, Lt Col (USAF, ret)  President, Pikes Peak Democratic Veterans 

PRESS RELEASE: DENOUNCING DECISION BY DSCC September Executive Committee Meeting Resolution

Dear Voters, The El Paso County Democratic Party releases the following statement about its Executive Committee’s unanimous vote to approve a resolution denouncing the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) endorsement of John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate on August 23, 2019: The El Paso County Democratic Party rejects the DSCC’s use of “Democrat” in its name, which wrongly leads the general public to incorrectly assume this group is affiliated with the national, state or even local party. This is NOT so.

We are deeply committed to the neutrality of the Party during the primary election cycle. We will not allow Political Action Committees, or other organizations, to interfere in our primary process or cast doubt about the neutrality of the Democratic Party with regard to primary candidates for any office. The DSCC’s endorsement is the essence of the corrupting influence of money in politics and a prime example of why campaign finance reform is desperately needed in our nation.

We want Colorado voters to know:The El Paso County Democratic Party is neutral during primary elections. Your vote counts.The Democratic Party primary process follows the Will of the People.The 2018 Colorado Democratic Party State Assembly set precedent for this matter when we voted to tell the “Democrats for Educational Reform” that it could not misleadingly use our label in its name. Our bylaws state no group may use the word “Democratic,” or any derivative of it, without the express permission of the Democratic Party. Even at the El Paso County level, other groups choose to abuse the affiliation label and mislead the general public. All are welcome at the El Paso County Democratic Party and there is no use for other groups which choose to divide our own house.

This situation is an important example of how groups may misrepresent themselves to voters. Therefore, we strongly encourage Coloradans to do their own background research before repeating misinformation, especially as the 2020 election cycle progresses.EL PASO COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY RESOLUTION Regarding Interference by the DSCC and the DCCC in Colorado Primary Elections, Be it Resolved:

The El Paso County Democratic Party is bound by the Colorado Democratic Party and our bylaws to remain neutral in any contested Democratic primary elections.

The El Paso County Democratic Party denounces and opposes any outside organization using the word "Democrat" endorsing, supporting or financing candidates in contested Colorado Democratic primaries. Such activities wrongfully imply an endorsement by the Democratic Party and mislead voters. Our party policy requires we remain neutral in all Democratic primary elections in the interest of fairness, equity, and transparency.

We expressly reject endorsement made by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and demand they and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) immediately cease making endorsements and/or providing financial support for candidates in Democratic primaries in Colorado.

We demand these groups rescind any endorsements already given and cease using the word “Democratic” or “Democrat” in affiliation with these endorsements or financial support, including the use of these words in any form within their name.PARTY VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES2ND VICE CHAIR, Elected at Assembly.FUNDRAISING CHAIROFFICERS FOR YOUNG DEMSChairVice ChairSecretary 4 voting Board positionsSend a letter to epcdems@gmail.com and we will forward it the Young Dems by October 21.OFFICER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVEChairVice Chair2nd vice chairSecretaryFOR ALL POSITIONS SEND AN EMAIL OF INTEREST TO epcdems@gmail.comELECTION JUDGE OPPORTUNITIES

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder is hiring Temporary Election Judges for the 2019 Coordinated Election! Positions provide short-term support during the elections process – dates, locations, and hours vary. Positions have various assignment lengths from three days up to five weeks.  Dates range from late September through Election Day, November 5, 2019.​​

Join our elections team and provide a key civic service while making a difference in our community!​

Available Job Openings:​

Call Center Representative 

●Provides excellent customer service and information to voters by responding to routine inbound phone inquiries.  Must be able to take detailed messages, perform basic data entry and possess excellent customer service skills.  

 Data Entry Clerk 

●Provides administrative data entry support to the Elections Department through the statewide database, ensuring accuracy and adhering to department rules and regulations.   

Voter Service and Polling Center Judge 

●Assist in daily operations of Voter Service and Polling Center(s), including registering voters, voter address changes, issuing ballots, instructing voters to complete and sign applicable forms and comply with election laws and rules. 

Ballot Runners 

●Collects ballots from secure 24/7 drop off locations and Voter Service and Polling Centers. 

Ballot Processing Judge Positions:​

Ballot Intake​

Signature Review​


●Ballot sorting. 

●Scanning undelivered ballots. 

●Identifying signature discrepancies. 

●Removal of ballots from envelope and secrecy sleeve. 

●Ensuring there are no major tears and/or blemishes on ballot that would hinder the counting process. 


●U.S. citizen 

●Registered to vote in Colorado. 

●Depending on the position, must be registered with a major political party.  

●Typing speed of 30 WPM. 

●Ability to follow rules and regulations as outlined in procedure manuals. 

●Ability to adhere to ethical standards of conduct. 

●Must be punctual, detail-oriented, organized, cooperative, flexible, and able to follow instructions. 

●Ability to effectively communicate with County staff and public in person and/or by phone. 

●Ability to work as part of a team. 

●Must possess attention to detail and accuracy. 

●Ability to operate standard office equipment, including but not limited to a computer, 10-key calculator, telephone, copy machine, scanner, and printer for particular job assignments. 

●Ability to multitask and shift priorities and schedule as needed would be ideal. 

●Must pass conditional post-offer background investigation. 


Duties are performed primarily in an office environment. Requires ability to work various shifts and times; overtime and weekend hours may be required. ​​

This job announcement is not intended to be inclusive of all functions, responsibilities and qualifications associated with the position, however, representative of the essential job functions and typical criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the position. ​ ​

APPLICATIONS MUST BE FILED ONLINE AT: http://www.elpasoco.com     

For inquiries please call: 719-520-7401.​​

Each applicant is considered only for the current vacancy indicated on your application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor any future openings and to submit a separate application for each position. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Any new employee and rehires must provide documentation of authorization to work as required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (PL99-603).              ​



CDMA cell phones (Sprint Network) for phone banking/texting

Computers less than 3-5 years old (most of ours are 10 years old)

Chromebooks or tablets also welcome.

Money to pay for Caucus and Assembly!  Donate Here



2nd Tuesday DEMS Monthly Meeting

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