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Hello friends, One of your Precinct 303 (Monument) PCPs checking in here. Election Day is next week and, yet, here we are lagging in ballot returns for Democrats in El Paso County. A Texas transplant, and a registered Democrat since age 18, I know what it means to be brave and blue in a very red place. As a young woman of color, I felt I had to reach out to you and write from my heart. I need you. Our city needs you. Colorado needs you. Your country needs you. Do not be convinced your vote is inconsequential, especially not in a battleground state such as Colorado. That’s just what they want you to believe to take away your power. There is an old adage about finding the truth: Follow the money. This explains the litany of political ads targeting us all lately, doesn’t it? I implore you to vote, friends. Cast your ballot to do your part in dismantling the oligarchy our country is already suffering under. In Colorado, our gubernatorial candidate, Jared Polis, is not beholden to super PACs or other dark money. Simply by casting your ballot, honor those of us who also volunteer their own time and energy working toward this greater cause of ending money’s influence in politics. Vote, friends, for opportunity. Never before have we in El Paso County seen a full slate of Democratic candidates stepping up to truly represent us at county and state levels. Vote because with the top of our ticket, Stephany Rose Spaulding in Congressional District 5, we can make more history and uplift women and people with color with a truly dedicated public servant. Stephany will be the first Black woman to represent CD 5 as well as the first Democrat. Vote, friends, for optimism. We are the Party of the People. The concerns we’ve fallen away from that truth are valid. And yet, I know too, that our Democratic Party won’t ever get to where it needs to be unless people like you and I are involved to hold the party accountable. I vote because of those before me who died for this very right. I vote because I was born and raised on the U.S.-Mexico border where there is currently a tent city for immigrant children just a few miles away. I vote because I spent nearly a decade of my life at the other end of the Texas border; the one with an immigrant kid jail in an old Walmart. I vote because I will not stand for the dehumanization of immigrants. I vote because, as a millennial, the living wage has not increased in my entire lifetime and that must change. I vote because I believe in protecting people with pre-existing conditions and those who rely on Medicaid. I vote because I believe in protecting our incredible public lands. I vote because our world must take extreme measures to affect the global warming that means deadly destruction for my generation and those after me. I vote because I want to live. I vote because I believe in the future. Will you believe with me?

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