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Book Review: "What Happened" by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Forget all the nonsense you may have read in the press, reviewing this book. It's much, much better than advertised. Let me be clear: every American on Earth should sit down and read this book.

I just finished reading Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened, and it was both not what I expected, and much, much better than I thought it would be.

I thought it would be a straightforward narrative, describing how she decided to run for President, how she announced, how she ran her campaign, what happened, and sprinkled throughout with observations and self-reflections about what happened. But that's not at all what this book is.

It is, more properly, a collection of extended, self-reflective essays, with some narrative parts, but a lot of context and history and self-awareness.

This book is almost a confessional, of all the things that went wrong and how she should have seen them coming and done more to prevent them and handled them better once they happened.

And these essays are intensely interesting. She shares her thoughts about why populism is rising on both the left and the right, at home and around the world; she discusses at length the importance of women in politics and equal rights and equal treatment; she reflects at length about how hard she tried to find the right words to help explain to people how her plans and ideas will help everyone live and thrive in America, and how she just couldn't get her message out through all the noise of Trump, Russia, and those damn emails.

And she writes a whole chapter describing in detail what we know about how Russia attacked America with a sophisticated propaganda cyber war to confuse American voters, defeat Hillary Clinton in the election, and put into power Putin's puppet, Donald Trump -- who, as she notes, has extensive business and financial ties with Russia. This extended essay on Russia's attack on America is perhaps the best and most important part of her book, What Happened, and should be required reading for everyone before watching the nightly news.

Hillary wrote one hell of a damn good book. Enlightening, entertaining (with a lot of pent of frustrations released in surprisingly good jokes and jabs), and emotionally crushing. This is exactly how books should be written.

Buy a copy. Read it read. Remember it.

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