El Paso County Democratic Party

Elected Leadership Team

The El Paso County Democratic Party is a 100% volunteer organization

John Mikos

El Paso County Democratic Party Chair

Elected at Reorganization in Odd Years for a 2 year term

Current term is February, 2021 - February, 2023

My interest in politics was shaped by a book I read about as a young person.  It was Dr. Martin Luther King’s book, Where Do We Go from Here, Chaos or Community.  Since then, I have had an interest in ways that I may help promote equality, fairness, and economic justice.

When it comes to making the world a better place we think globally, and then we act locally.  El Paso County is growing and changing.  Many working families face challenges in securing affordable housing, accessing healthcare, and pursuing quality public education.  I believe the best thing we can do to advance progressive policies and good government is to elect Democrats to public office.

My professional background is in management and consulting.  I served 20 years on active duty as an Army officer and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  In the military I had global assignments and served a tour in Iraq.  Since separating from the service, I have worked in consulting and business enterprise technology.  

My family and I really enjoy living in Colorado.  Serving as the County Chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party is my way of giving back.  I work to help elect Democrats who will make Colorado a better place to live and work for ALL the people of our community.

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Amy Paschal

 El Paso County Democratic Party First Vice Chair

Elected at Reorganization in Odd Years for a 2 year term

Current term is February, 2021 - February, 2023

I am the mom of two adult children and an avid volunteer. Holding a bachelors and masters in computer science, I worked in the software product industry for 15 years primarily as a software engineer, and project manager. I have also done some professional services and customer support.
Originally from MN, by way of WI, OR and CA, I came to CO 15 years ago with my husband and two small children to enjoy the quality of life, beautiful scenery, skiing and hiking.
I am passionate about progressive politics, especially climate change, campaign finance reform and healthcare. I have been involved in Democratic politics in El Paso County since 2016 when I was inspired by Bernie Sanders to give this politics thing another try. Before that, I spent most of my volunteer hours at my kids' school.

Liz Rosenbaum

 El Paso County Democratic Party Second Vice Chair

Elected at Reorganization in Odd Years for a 2 year term

Current term is February, 2021 - February, 2023


I have been a life-long activist for equity in our communities, from access to equal pay to environmental justice in the Fountain Valley communities contaminated by PFAS chemicals. When I walked into our local Democratic office 10 yrs ago to volunteer for a candidate, I found a place where my hard work was appreciated. By working together, we have made positive changes for our working families. We are not guaranteed a win when we run for office; but, we are able to always make a positive difference. I have accomplished this three times by running for office, as county commissioner and state representative. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned, creating robust and successful programs, and making sure all of our volunteers continue to feel appreciated and their talents applied in the areas they excel. We will advance the Democratic Party here in El Paso County, and we will do it together!

I have lived in El Paso county since the Army moved us here in 2000. Since then my husband and I have raised two amazing kids who are now adults and living adventures of their own. This will always be where they consider home, just like all of us do. Let's make the changes we have been working for come to fruition right now. I have a motto, "Turn your anger into action." so let's get busier! Onward and upwards my democratic friends!

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Position Open

 El Paso County Democratic Party Secretary

Elected at Reorganization in Odd Years for a 2 year term

Current term is February, 2021 - February, 2023


Lynne Brown

 El Paso County Democratic Party Treasurer

Elected at Reorganization in Odd Years for a 2 year term

Current term is February, 2021 - February, 2023


Lynne came to Colorado Springs from the East coast thirty years ago to raise her daughter and be near her parents in Denver.  This was her second time being a transplant.  The first was when her family left
Brooklyn, NY, for Denver in the mid-fifties.  After high school, Lynne
graduated from NYU, landed a job as a marine insurance underwriter in New York, then later started a long career as a software developer.  As much as she loved software development, when Trump was elected Lynne decided it was time to do more.  She volunteered for candidates and later joined the volunteers working away at the party's local office. Lynne looks forward to serving as Treasurer and contributing to the further growth of the Democratic party in El Paso County.


Executive  Committee

Consists of county officers, elected house district, senate district, and county commission district chairs, 5 elected at-large members, local elected Democratic officials and up to 12  chairs appointed by the county chair.

Thank you to a phenomenal team of democr

Precinct Organizers

Elected at Caucus in Even Years for a 2 year term

Current term is March, 2020 - March, 2022

Precinct Organizers (formerly, PCPs) are the heart of the party. 

They help organize their neighborhood and as members of the county central committee, elect the party officers and often have multiple additional roles including serving on the state central or executive committees. 

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County Central Committee

The County Central Committee is made up of Precinct Chairs and District Officers, County Officers, and elected officials in the county.  They are the voting body that makes policy and approves candidates for El Paso County political races.


Office Volunteers

Our all volunteer office leads and staff bring their inspiration and experience to our daily office tasks.  Organizing for events: GOTV, parades and party gatherings, maintaining our computers, developing data, writing thank-you notes to our donors, and hundreds of other tasks.

Come visit us and see if you have a talent or skill you can offer. 

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