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The El Paso County Democratic Party exists to promote Democratic values by: 

Electing Democrats to public office, 

Building a progressive platform, and 

Supporting legislation that protects present and future generations, 


Educating and empowering voters, 

Organizing grassroots leaders, and 

Building community. 




WE BELIEVE that ALL PEOPLE should be treated equally under the law, and all people deserve dignity, security, justice, privacy and equality of opportunity. 

WE BELIEVE that the role of Government is to work for the people, not special interests, to provide opportunity for working people to get ahead and restore economic security to the middle class. 

WE BELIEVE that all people are entitled to clean air and water and healthy food as well as safe livable communities. 

WE BELIEVE in working toward solutions to climate change, building clean energy economy and securing environmental justice.  

WE BELIEVE in protecting our public lands. 

WE BELIEVE in taking care of our veterans who have served our country. 

WE BELIEVE that every Coloradan should have access to affordable health care and affordable housing and that no one should go broke or become homeless because they get sick. 

WE BELIEVE all Children in Colorado deserve a quality education regardless of their family’s economic status. 

WE BELIEVE that obtaining a post-secondary education should not require massive borrowing and debt. We believe in providing relief from crushing student debt. 

WE BELIEVE that all Coloradans deserve an end to mass shootings and gun violence. 

WE BELIEVE that managing our growth to maintain the Colorado way of life must include upgrading and modernizing our transportation, infrastructure, schools, water systems, and moving toward renewable energy solutions. 

WE BELIEVE that all citizens have not just a right but a duty to participate in the electoral process. We believe in protecting voting rights and ensuring inclusive and accessible voting for all, freedom of thought, assembly and civility. 






Fearlessly and boldly leading progressive change. 




1. PARTY ORGANIZATION:  Build a network of active and engaged district chairs, precinct organizers and voters in every precinct across our county by summer 2020. 

2. FINANCIAL SECURITY:  Financial security that ensures long term sustainability for the party, support for candidates, and visibility in the community by election 2020. 

3. CANDIDATE SUPPORT & RECRUITMENT: Quality candidate recruitment, support, training and filling every seat in El Paso County with a democratic candidate starting with 2020 election  

4. VOTER TURNOUT: Increasing community involvement and voter turnout in every precinct across the county  

5. COMMUNICATIONS AND VISIBILITY: Easily connecting all Democrats in the county and connecting Democrats to each other, being a highly visible voice for change by election 2020.  

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