Hello friends, One of your Precinct 303 (Monument) PCPs checking in here. Election Day is next week and, yet, here we are lagging in ballot returns for Democrats in El Paso County.

A Texas transplant, and a registered Democrat since age 18, I know what it means to be brave and blue in a very red place. As a young woman of color, I felt I had to reach out to you and write from my heart. I need you. Our city needs you. Colorado needs you. Your countr...


Recently, I became part of the Sanctuary Coalition in Colorado Springs, representing the
Quakers. I’ve come to believe that I must take a stand on what is happening to undocumented
immigrants in our country at the hands of our government. Instructed by the command of Jesus
to expand our idea of who our neighbor is (Luke 10), I am reminded how both the Hebrew
Scriptures and the New Testament call for a society to be just and merciful, and to care for t...

The conventional payday loan borrower will take out multiple loans during a year’s time. With limits of $500 per loan, the typical borrower could be borrowing amounts totaling $1,000 or more.

But there is absolutely nothing conventional about these loans. Nor does the repayment of these loans follow an economically conventional pattern.

The payday loan borrowers are wage-earners whose financial obligations can barely be met by regular income. For many,...


How much do we spend on our homeless community...and can we be more fiscally responsible about it? Can we paint a picture of the affected with a finer brush?  People are homeless for many reasons; temporary - due to medical, divorce, or other life issues; those with mental or physical dis-abilities with or without dependencies; those who have dependencies. 

Studies indicate public costs are around $40-$60k per homeless resident per year (depending on t... is as good a time as any to pause again to reflect on the relationship between religious faith and our involvement in public life.

By now you've probably heard about the new DNC -- and I'd like to make one thing clear: This is more than a branding exercise. It is a completely new organizing principle -- one designed to win elections -- that was launched by Tom Perez and Keith Ellison when they were elected to lead the DNC last year.

Our organization is quickly changing. We no longer live cycle-to-cycle, and there's no such thing as an "off year." For too long, the DNC has been l...



Along with 900 other groups throughout the United State, a local Colorado

Springs team will be organizing a rally outside City Hall in response to President

Trump’s firing of either Bob Mueller or Rod Rosenstein. Timing for the event will be

determined by the timing of the firing, so we can only say it will be either 5pm of the

day of the firing or 2pm of the day after the firing. While we hope...

Two healthcare professionals, registered nurse Bethany Winder and Dr. Kristine Hembre, DO, are attracting the attention of local Democratic candidates at their monthly gatherings in support of universal healthcare.  In attendance at their last meeting – held at the N3 Brewhouse – were Colorado House District 18 primary rivals Marc Snyder and Terry Martinez, Colorado Senate District 9 candidate Gil Armendariz, and Colorado House District 20 candidate K...

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