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District Information
Your precinct is surrounded by many different districts, some entirely within the county and others which include additional counties (as known as multi-county districts). El Paso County, CO is part of US Congressional District 4, Congressional District 7, Judicial District 4, University of Colorado Regents District 5 and the State Board of Education District 5 (the latter two are the same physical district as Congressional District 5). Congressional District 5 is entirely contained within El Paso County.
Find Your District Information
Find your district numbers on the Secretary of State's website. 
  1. Enter the required information to find your voter record.
  2. Look on the County & District Information tab (third tab).
Your Precinct
Learn the boundaries of your precinct. Find your precinct map.
State House District
State house representatives are elected every two years. Find your state house district map.
State Senate District
State senate representatives are elected every four years (alternating). Find your state senate district map.
County Commissioner District
County Commissioners are elected every four years (alternating). Find your county commission district map.
School District
Find your school district map. 
Find Your District Chairs
El Paso County has a District Committee for all State House, State Senate and County Commission districts. Precinct Organizers, please get to know and consult the chairs for your districts. District Committee Contact Information.
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