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El Paso County 2021 Democratic Party Reorganization
Election Results As of 2/6/21

Stay tuned for results from the district breakout meetings.





County Level


2021-2023 County Party Chair

JohnMikos (1).jpg


I am running for the County Chair position because I want to see more Democrats elected to public office.  When it comes to making the world a better place... we think globally, and then we act locally.   Here in El Paso County and Colorado we face major challenges in the environment, affordable housing, access to mental health care, public education and public transportation.   I believe the best thing we can do to advance progressive policies and good government is to elect Democrats to public office.  I am a lifelong Democrat.   I will work to strengthen our organization to support our party candidates and elected officials.   My leadership style is to promote inclusion, open dialogue, and teamwork.  Please reach out to me whenever there is an idea or concern you want to share. 

2021-2023 County Party 1st Vice Chair



I'm fantastically proud of all the hard work volunteers from the El Paso County Democratic Party put in for the 2020 election. We had an 11.37% swing since 2016 from Trump to Democrats. The largest movement in the entire country for a metro area of our size according to the New York Times. Huge! El Paso County also had a record shattering voter turnout of 84.3%, up 17% from the previous record in 2016. We have a lot to be proud of El Paso County! In fact, we have grown so much as an organization that we have outgrown our processes and procedures. You know, that boring stuff (except to a geek like me) that keeps the organization humming smoothly and efficiently. As an off-election year, 2021 is a great time for El Paso County Dems to scale up our organization to prepare for 2022. I'd like to help make that happen.

I'd also like to see us reach out more effectively to communities who are our natural allies yet are not well represented in El Paso County Dems.

Hopefully, this work will allow us to hold on to and GROW our Democratic seats at all levels of government in 2022 and to grow participation in El Paso County Dems.
I’d be honored to have your vote for 1st Vice Chair.

2021-2023 County Party 2nd Vice Chair

Liz Face.jpg


During our re-org meeting on February 6th I will be running to fill our Second Vice Chair position for our county party. While in this position I will work with you and develop a robust candidate support team, streamline our strategies and create an unstoppable united front of confident and qualified candidates to flip more seats in our county. I have been a dedicated member of our county executive committee, a candidate, and a reliable volunteer for almost 10 years. I will also be taking on positions in the state party like I have done before. At a local level I have successfully organized a coalition and we implemented statewide drinking water protections.  I humbly ask for your vote and trust to continue participating in our El Paso county party and continue to work with you all in a leadership role this next term.
Please email: or call  719-661-5108 to share your ideas with me.

2021-2023 County Secretary



I am a long time Democrat  and activist. Over the years I have volunteered in many capacities and most recently I have been active in precinct organizing.  I am glad to step up and as secretary I will continue to support for our Democratic party. 

 2021-2023 County Treasurer



I have lived in Colorado Springs for 30 years and am retired from a career as a software developer.  Over the years,  I have served as treasurer or on the finance teams of various non-profit groups and an investment club. For several years I have been a regular party office volunteer and am  currently the acting Treasurer.. I am looking forward to continuing the good work achieved during the last four years.

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