2020 US Rep. Congressional District 5 Candidates

Non-presidential candidates may choose to take one of three paths to get on the June 30 non-presidential primary ballot. They may qualify through petition, the caucus/assembly process or hedge their bets and attempt to do both. Candidates who choose petition-only will not be voted on in caucus. Each candidate's chosen path to the primary ballot is listed below.

Congressional District 5 Assembly is complete and the petition filing deadline (3/17/20) has passed. Jillian Freeland has made the June Primary ballot. All other candidates have withdrawn.

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Jillian Freeland

2020 Candidate for US Congress District 5 
Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Caucus/Assembly

Jillian Freeland is running to represent Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District in the US House of Representatives.  Jillian understands the struggles of middle-class Coloradans; her experience mirrors that of many residents in Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, so she can be an excellent advocate for us in Congress. The high cost of living in Colorado Springs means she has to clip coupons, shop at thrift stores, and make tough choices regarding the expenses of raising two beautiful daughters. Her ability to stretch a paycheck to meet the needs of a young family will be instrumental in reducing our national debt without cutting the social safety nets that Americans depend on. 


Jillian owned and operated a small business providing midwifery services to growing families in the Pikes Peak region. As a women’s healthcare provider, Jillian knows firsthand what works in our healthcare system and where we can make improvements. She supports reducing what Americans spend by championing universal healthcare, allowing the reimportation of prescription drugs, and streamlining the entire industry. Jillian will fight until every person has high-quality healthcare that we can be proud of as a country.


Jillian’s daughters are one and four years old, and she knows that the path we are on now will leave them with a planet in peril. The Freeland family’s home is solar powered and their car is a hybrid, but Jillian knows this isn’t enough. We have to be bold and introduce legislation that addresses the climate crisis, protects our wild spaces, and guarantees every person access to clean air and water. We must write our environmental policy with an understanding that poor neighborhoods and people of color are disproportionately affected by pollution, and make sure that people currently employed in the fossil fuel industry aren’t left behind as we transition to renewable resources.  We can solve the crisis, but we must act with urgency. 


For the last three years, Jillian has worked to connect constituents with their elected officials through grassroots activism. This experience made it clear that many politicians are not interested in hearing from the people they allegedly represent. Money from the ultra-wealthy, large corporations, and lobbyists have purchased influence with politicians in Colorado and across the country. That is why Jillian is rejecting all money from corporate PACs and is running a truly grassroots campaign - of the people, for the people. Jillian is calling for publicly funded campaigns and government accountability measures to limit big money influence in politics.


People have said that the Fifth Congressional District in Colorado is too conservative and a Democrat cannot win here, but Jillian is a new kind of candidate; she is from the middle class and is working for the middle class. Join us as we work to elect a champion of the people to the United States House of Representatives. It’s past time to return our government to the people!




Jillian graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, as well as attaining certification as a midwife at Maternidad La Luz Midwifery School.  Since moving to Colorado Springs with her partner, Dylan, in 2013, she has invested in the community by serving on the following boards:


El Paso County Board of Adjustment

El Paso County Community Corrections Board

El Paso County Democrats Executive Committee

Unite Colorado Springs (Grassroots Activism)

Vice President of Cuchares Ranch Homeowners Association


She has also been a volunteer community organizer with Indivisible, MoveOn, the Colorado Action Network, and Planned Parenthood. 

Withdrawn Candidates

The follow candidates have withdrawn from the Congressional District 5 race.

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George English

2020 Candidate for US Congress District 5 - WITHDRAWN as of 4/3/20

Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Caucus/Assembly

I am an Army veteran and a retired Economist with a career extending over 30 years, mostly with the Federal government but also with the airport development industry. I believe that serious changes must be made to the way politics are conducted and issues are debated and resolved. The recent severe economic crisis was the consequence of decades of criminally destructive mismanagement of the public's interest by the Congress which has resulted in the huge economic inequalities that are destroying the middle class and the taxation base needed to finance government programs. The distribution of personal income has declined to below the disastrous level of 1928, which was partially ameliorated with the restoration of middle class incomes and savings from the doubling of the economy during World War II. The most troubling symptoms of current social unrest from the present economic crisis are the pernicious assault upon our constitutional Bill of Rights protections and the inexcusable failure of the Federal government to help all of the innocent victims of the crisis, especially the homeless. Three other adverse troubling concerns have recently arisen: the implementation of regressive tax law revisions that exacerbate the maldistribution of income and wealth, the Trillion dollar 30 years upgrade of the nuclear arsenal, and the imminent onset of a Second Cold War.  The 25 issue papers on my web site discuss my thoughts about the problems facing our society and present suggested solutions for those concerns. I have no campaign sponsors or contributors and, if elected, will use my best judgment of what is their effects upon the public interest when voting on issues.  I will not be subservient to any partisan ideology and have no intention of  becoming a career politician.  I would greatly appreciate having the opportunity to be your truly independent Democrat voice in Congress.  Thank you for considering my proposals.  I would greatly appreciate your support in the primary election on June 30, 2020.

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Ryan Lucas

2020 Candidate for US Congress District 5 WITHDRAWN as of 4/3/20
Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Petition + Caucus/Assembly
Ryan Lucas is running for CD-5 because it is time for representation that is responsive to the residents of this district. For at least 12 years, Democrats and Republicans, as well as Independents, have realized that their current representation in Washington is lacking. Ryan will work with the whole district to build consensus on issues to advance the interests of the district and the nation as a whole. As someone that has worked his way from the mailroom to the boardroom, Ryan understands that many of the issues that face our nation right now have very real business concerns. His experience can raise the voice of all residents and help deliver the Democrats a win in CD-5 for 2020.


Tim Stoen

2020 Candidate for US Congress District 5 WITHDRAWN as of 4/3/20
Chosen Path to June 30 Primary Ballot: Caucus/Assembly




Dear Democratic Delegates in Congressional District 5:

My name is Tim Stoen.

I'm a federal lawyer.

I am a late-entrant candidate in this congressional race to take on the Republican incumbent, Doug Lamborn.

I am here to ask you to vote for me at the county assembly/convention taking place this week. 

I have three very fine opponents, and I will need at least 30 percent of your votes to make it onto the Democratic Primary ballot.


There is only one real candidate issue before you.

That one issue is "Electability."

We had a terrific congressional candidate in 2018, and she still lost in our CD-5 district by 17 points. 

Our congressional district has a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R-14.

All this means that a Democratic victory must be based on demographics.

And the key demographics in our district are two: military voters and religious conservative voters.

So, if we want to stop losing, we need an unconventional candidate who has cross-over appeal to pro-military voters, Independents and religious conservatives.


I offer three credentials that can accomplish this cross-over appeal:

         (1) First-Class Education. Initially, I have first-class educational qualifications, which include a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Stanford.

         (2) Economically and Environmentally Progressive. Secondly, I propose highly progressive economic and environmental policies that are congruent with pro-military voters, Independents, and religious conservatives.

I am a moderate on cultural issues, which is the only way we can win. Please look on my website: "The Simple Reason that the Left Won't Stop Losing."

         (3) Taking on the Existential Issue. Thirdly, I am willing to address an overriding existential issue that implicates our civilization's very existence. 



This existential issue is Donald Trump's unrestricted ability to launch a nuclear strike, his unrestrained anger when his self-image of perfection is threatened, and his contempt for the top military–the only people he is required to consult–whom he has called "dopes and babies.".

This is the issue that drew me into this race. And it was triggered by a brutal headline in an opinion piece by Frank Bruni of the New York Times on October 1, 2019: "If Trump Goes Down, He's Taking Everyone With Him."


Doug Lamborn is the Honorary Colorado Co-Chair of Trump's re-election campaign, and he is a fanatical Trump supporter. He therefore needs to be held accountable for his cultist allegiance to this dangerous commander-in-chief.


Trump has absolute discretionary power to launch a nuclear strike. He has made statements showing a readiness to use nuclear weapons. When Chris Matthews told  him that nobody wants to hear a guy running for president talking of maybe using nuclear weapons, Trump responded: "Then why are we making them?"


Trump has shown three psychological traits that evidence a personality disorder called malignant narcissism, which has lethal implications.

Number one is Trump's self-image of perfection. Here is Trump talking: "I think apologizing's a great thing, but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize, sometime in the hopefully distant future, if I'm every wrong."
Number two is Trump's criticism intolerance leading to scapegoating. For example, Trump has suggesting executing the person who was the whistleblower's source on his Ukraine call. He suggested this despite the laws that protect whistleblowers and their sources having been designed to expose corruption.

 Number three is Trump's obsession to always "win." Here again is Trump talking: "I win, Maureen, I always win. . . . I win, it's what I do. I beat people. I win."


So, based on these three character traits, guess what is likely to happen when Trump eventually finds the burdens of his office too much, and his self-image unbearably bruised by criticism?

One of my many policy proposals, therefore, is to require the president to consult with Congress, not only the military, when he decides to launch a nuclear strike.


 In conclusion, dear Democrats, I make the following appeal to you:.

 If you want a candidate

 who has spent the last 19 years as a prosecuting attorney,

  •  and who knows how to fight,

  •  and who knows how to take abuse, 

  •  and who can offer an exciting campaign, 

  •  and who can–above all–win, 

 Please vote Tim Stoen for Congress.