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Colorado State 

Assembly & Convention 2020



US Senate Candidates 

Andrew Romanoff makes the Primary Ballot

At-Large Electors for 2020


Colorado's New DNC Members

Visit the Colorado Democrats site for more details

Assembly Results 

Convention Results

PLEO and At-Large National Delegates Yet to be Announced

The Biden and Sanders campaigns are in discussions to allow Sanders National Delegates. Allocation of PLEO and At-Large National Delegates is on hold pending the outcome of that agreement.


Official Call Emails Sent

Saturday, April 13, 2020

Note: there are  separate official call emails for Assembly and Convention


Saturday, April 18

via Survey Monkey 

Voting Periods:

9 AM - 12 noon

Assembly Ballot

Convention Ballot #1

2 PM - 5 PM

Convention Ballot #2

Results Announced


If you did not receive your official call e-mail(s) and/or ballot(s) OR if you wish to vote by phone

Call the following numbers. If your Last Name starts with: 

A-C: Pete Williams / Charlie King, 303-566-6371

D-G: Parker Fiske /Tim Kubik, 303-209-0385

H-L: Karin Asensio / Catherine Carson, 720-334-7915

M-P: Edana Popp / Susan Rogers, 303-305-4528

Q-S: Tyler McDermott / Dianne Bailey, 720-379-6316

T-Z: David Pourshoustari / Lori Eddlemon, 303-390-1232




Assembly Ballot*

Voting on: US Senate Candidates to appear on the June Primary Ballot, Credentials Committee Report, Permanent Organization Report and the 2020 Colorado Democratic Party Platform. Note that only candidates going through the caucus/assembly process will be on the ballot. Those are Andrew Romanoff, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and Erik Underwood. Trish Zornio has ended her campaign. John Hickenlooper withdrew from the caucus/assembly process because he has already secured a position on the ballot through the petition process. Candidates must receive at least 30% of the vote to get on the primary ballot.

Voting Period: 9AM - noon

Sample Ballot

*According to the rules, if no US Senate candidate receives ≥30% of the vote on the first ballot, a second ballot will be voted. If no candidate receives 30% on second ballot, then the top two candidates are accepted for the June Primary Election. However, with three candidates remaining, this situation is not possible.

Convention Ballot #1

Voting on: PLEO (Party Leader and Elected Official) National Delegates (9), Credential Committee Report, Permanent Organization Report and Vacancy Committee.

Voting Period: 9AM - noon

Sample Ballot

Convention Ballot #2

Voting on: National Delegates At-Large (14), Democratic National Committee Members from Colorado (3), and Presidential Electors (2).

Voting Period: 2 PM - 5 PM

Sample Ballot

Convention Ballot Notes

  1. Originally only Presidential candidates who were still running for President could receive National Delegates.  However, the Biden and Sanders campaigns are under negotiations to allow National Delegates representing Bernie Sanders as well as Joe Biden. To date, this has not been resolved.
    Given that we must vote on April 18, 2020 and there are no do-overs, the Colorado Democratic Party is proceeding with the assumption that Sanders delegates will be allowed.
    The state convention will proceed as follows: All state delegates, regardless of who they were originally supporting, may choose to vote for Biden Delegates, Sanders Delegates or to abstain.
    State delegates may not vote for a mix of Biden and Sanders delegates.

  2. Voting on National Delegates will be via Ranked Choice. Each delegate may selected their top ten choices ranked by preference. 

  3. Convention delegates will be receiving sample ballots on Friday, April 17, 2020.


Platform delegates will be voting on.


Candidate Lists (up-to-date as of 4/17/20)

National Delegates, PLEO

National Delegates, At Large

NOTE: Candidates may run for both PLEO and At-Large national delegate positions but they can only win one. If such a candidate wins a PLEO spot in the morning ballot, he/she will be removed from afternoon ballot.


DNC Members

US Senate candidates in assembly are (see Assembly Ballot section above for more details)

  • Andrew Romanoff

  • Stephany Rose Spaulding

  • Erik Underwood

Media Information

Some web site and video information can be found at:

National Delegates, Electors & DNC Members (CO Dems Website)

US Senate Candidate Videos

Andrew Romanoff

Stephany Rose Spaulding

Erik Underwood

Assembly Ballot
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