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El Paso County Democratic Party caucuses will be held:
March 5, 2022,
Check-in Begins @ 1 PM, Meetings Begin Promptly at 2 PM

Please arrive no later than 1:30 PM to allow ample time for check-in and eligibility confirmation
Meeting Format is Hybrid
with the option to attend either in-person, at a designated physical site, or virtually via Zoom Events
Pre-registration is now Closed
Those not pre-registered for caucus but still wanting to attend may attend in-person
Pre-registration is now closed.  You may still attend caucus in person.   Doors open at 1 PM, March 5 2022. Meetings begin promptly at 2 PM. Please arrive in ample time for registration and verification of eligibility. Please find your designated in-person site below.
Why Attend Caucus?
Have you ever been dissatisfied with Democratic candidates on the ballot or the Democratic Party platform? Caucus is your opportunity to have an impact. Caucus is literally grass roots democracy in action.
Attendees at caucus help choose the candidates that will appear on the Democratic primary ballot, elect their precinct organizers and start the process of developing the county and state platforms. Note you must be a registered as Democrat and your registration must reflect your current address by Feb. 11, 2022 in order to be eligible to participate in caucus. Update your registration.
Please Help Us Fund Caucus and Assembly
The El Paso County Democratic Party is required by state statute to hold caucus and assembly. However, we receive no outside funds to run these events. Please consider donating to help the El Paso County Democratic party put on caucus and assembly events. Expenses include online platforms, literature, communications, site location fees and advertising.
Caucus Overview
We are doing caucus a little differently this year due to COVID and a desire to increase accessibility for all. Please read this overview thoroughly.
Caucus will be a hybrid meeting. Persons may attend in-person at a designated caucus site or on-line via Zoom Events. In-person attendees must wear masks and show proof of vaccination. Virtual attendees must install the zoom application on their device and create a free zoom account, using the email address they plan to use to attend caucus.
For more information on attending Zoom Events, see Zoom Support.
Doors to the event will open at the in-person sites and virtual Zoom sign-in will begin at 1 PM.  All participants (physical or virtual) are requested to arrive no later than 1:30 PM to allow ample time for sign in and registration checking. The Caucus event will begin promptly at 2:00 PM.

Only Coloradans residing in El Paso County, registered to vote, and affiliated with the Democratic Party are eligible to participate in the Democratic Party Caucus. The last day to affiliate / update your voter information to a current voting address and participate in Caucus is February 11, 2022.  Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website to update your voter registration and party affiliation information: Colorado Secretary of State (

Colorado Democratic Party rules now allow persons 16 and 17 years old to fully participate in Caucus, including becoming a Precinct Organizer - but only if they are registered to vote under the Colorado’s early voter registration program and affiliated with the Democratic Party.



All participants are requested to register in advance on the El Paso County Democratic Party website. 

When registering, participants will indicate whether they will participate either 1) In-person or 2) via Zoom.  After submitting your registration, you will receive a reply messages with further instructions. 

All in-person participants must wear a mask and must have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and be able to show vaccination cards on entry or attest that they cannot receive the vaccination for medical reasons.  If you are not vaccinated, please do not attempt to attend Caucus in-person.  You are very welcome to participate virtually. 



In-person Sites

There are eight (8) designated in-person Caucus sites.  Individuals must attend at their designated site.

To aid in advanced planning, the El Paso County Democratic party has designated Caucus locations based on clustering all precincts in the same State House District into the same designated Caucus location. 

Please note that your State House District may have changed due to redistricting. Please view your voter registration at under the County & Districts tab for your current districting information.

In-person Site List
Click on the address to bring up the site in google maps.
House District
Site Name
Site Address
Library 21C (Pikes Peak Library)
1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
15 (and 56)
Horizon Middle School
1750 Piros Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Mitchell High School
1205 Potter Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Sierra High School
2250 Jet Wing Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80916
IBEW Hall, Local 113
2150 Naegele Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Lewis-Palmer Middle School
1776 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132
Mesa Ridge High School
6070 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Doherty High School
4515 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
56 (and 15)
Horizon Middle School
1750 Piros Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Attending Via Zoom Events
If you are planning to attend Caucus virtually via Zoom Events you will need to do the following:
Registering for the Zoom Event:
In addition to registering for the caucus event, you will need to register for the Zoom Event. Please use the link in the follow-up email send to you after registering for caucus.
Video: Registering for the Zoom Event
  1. Download the Zoom application on your device. See Zoom Support  for instructions. You CAN NOT attend Zoom Events via your browser like a Zoom Meeting. You must download the application. If you already have the Zoom application, please update  your application if it is not the latest version. We want to make sure everyone has the latest and greatest security updates.
  2. If you don't already have a Zoom account, create a FREE account. The login for this account must be the email address with which you registered for caucus or you won't be able to access the event.
Video: Creating a Zoom Account
Attending the Meeting:
When it is time to attend caucus:
  1. Log in to Zoom either through the application or through your browser.
  2. Click on the meeting link in the event confirmation email. You will receive this email once you register for the Zoom Event. The register link will be sent to you via email shortly before caucus. You may also find your ticket under Tickets in your zoom account.
    Video: Finding Your Ticket
Getting Help:
If you are having difficulty getting logged into your virtual caucus and have tried everything above, please call for assistance:
  • primary contact: Brooklyn @ 719-459-0761
  • secondary: Ultra @ 719-232-0538
Run For Something at Caucus

Get More Involved!

Please consider being an Election Judge, Precinct Organizer and/or Delegate to County Assembly.

Delegates attend the El Paso County Democratic Party County Assembly and vote on candidates for the Democratic Primary, platform items and which Delegates will advance to Congressional District and State Assemblies. The County Assembly will be on March 19, 2022, 9 AM to approx. 5PM and will be virtual only. For more information on the delegate process see our delegate page.

Precinct Organizers (formerly called PCPs) are the boots-on-the-ground neighborhood organizers for the El Paso County Democratic Party. For more information about being a Precinct Organizer see out precinct organizer page This is a volunteer position.

Election Judges are paid temporary positions with the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder's office during an election. Being an election judge is a great way to learn about how elections work! For more information, please see


If you are interested in any of these positions, look for your caucus registration confirmation email for further instructions on how to get more involved.

Contribute to the Party Platform

Contribute to the Platform!

If you would like to submit an idea to be considered for the county and state platforms, please go to click the button below. These ideas will consolidated by our Platform Committee and voted on at County Assembly. We will not be voting on platform suggestions at caucus.

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