Election 2022 Primary Democratic Candidates


This section contains all candidates who have made the Democratic primary ballot through the assembly process in a jurisdiction including El Paso County. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by office. Once ballot order is determined, candidates will be listed in ballot order.

For all candidates on the Democratic primary ballot in Colorado see State Assembly Results.

Candidates may get on the primary ballot by going through the assembly process, petitioning or a combination of both. A candidate who chooses to do both must receive 10% of the vote at assembly to move forward.

What Districts Am I In?
Visit your voter registration information on the Secretary of State's website under the County & District Information tab to verify your new districts. You can also find your congressional, state house and state senate districts including maps on the state redistricting site.
Who Has Made the Primary Ballot?
The following candidates have made it onto the Democratic primary ballot in a jurisdiction including El Paso County. If there was a contest for the position at the jurisdictional district assembly, the percentage of vote received follows the candidate name.

Governor, Jared Polis
Secretary of State, Jena Griswold
Attorney General, Phil Weiser
State Treasurer, Dave Young
State Board of Education, At-Large, Kathy Plomer

US Senator
Michael Bennet

Congressional District 4
Ike McCorkle

University of Colorado Board of Regents, District 4
Jack Barrington

Congressional District 5
Michael Colombe (35.6 %)
David Torres (64.4 %)

State Board of Education, District 5
Joseph Shelton

University of Colorado Board of Regents, District 5
Ronald Casados

Congressional District 7
Brittany Pettersen

Clerk & Recorder, Lisa Wilkes
Sheriff, John Foley
Treasurer, Rick Williams
Assessor, Renee Reif
Coroner, Bridget Garner
Board of Commissioners, District 1, Ryan Lucas
Board of Commissioners, District 5, John Jarrell

State House
District 14, Rob Rogers
District 15, Alvin Sexton
District 16, Stephanie Vigil
District 17, Regina English (37%), Mischa Smith (63%)
District 18, Marc Snyder
District 20, Tracey Johnson
District 21, Kolten Montgomery
District 22, Blake Garner
District 56, Kathleen Conway

State Senate
District 9, Arik Dougherty
District 11, Yolanda Avila (45%), Tony Exum (55%)