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Make a Difference: VOTE!

What can YOU do NOW
to have an impact on the
2022 Election?

Learn About Our Democratic Candidates


We have a full slate of Democratic candidates running in this election including US congressional, state-wide, state assembly, regional district and county.

Learn more about them!

Why Should I Vote?


Despite how it feels sometimes, your vote does make a difference.


Let's take the example of the 2016 election.

Only approximately 60% of eligible voters participated.

How would the election results have been different if that 40+% had voted? We will never know.

In 2020, the voter participation rate rose more than 6 percentage points over 2016, making it the election with the highest participation in the 21st century.

In that election, the Biden/Harris team prevailed. Higher voter turnout favors Democratic candidates.


After the 2020 election, a wave of voter suppression legislation passed in states across the nation. Such legislation was introduced in the CO assembly as well, but it did not become law. Democrats protected your right to vote.

If your vote doesn't matter, why are so many trying to make it difficult to vote?

Why Should I Vote for Democrats?


One party believes in smart growth and ending special giveaways to developers

One party stands with teachers and for public education

One party protects personal bodily autonomy and equal rights

One party supports accessible voting rights for all eligible Coloradans


Learn What the Democrats

Have Delivered for YOU in the 2022 Session


Democrats on all levels of government are delivering for everyday Americans.

From addressing  inflation, lowering costs, and protecting our climate, to supporting education and small businesses, to protecting reproductive freedoms and providing secure, fair and accessible elections for all eligible voters . . .


Make Your Voice Heard: Vote!


Get your ballot in the mail this November!

  • Make sure your voter registration is active and your residential address is up-to-date. If you have a separate mailing address, make sure that is up-to-date as well. 

  • Get your friends and family to check their registration.

Become an Election Judge


Want to learn more about how Colorado elections work and help keep our election system one of the best in the US?

Become an election judge! 

This is a paid position with the El Paso County elections department.

Tasks and time commitments vary. Learn more about the job!

We still need many more Democratic judges for the 2022 general election, If you are interested in becoming an election judge, please email the party office: I want to be an election judge!

Become an Election Watcher


We are looking for Democratic election watchers to observe voting at the the polls (poll watchers) and ballot processing at the elections department. Democratic election watchers are the eyes and ears of a thriving democracy and the Colorado Democratic Party depends on you to ensure that our elections remain free, fair and secure. 

This is a volunteer position with a variety of options and takes place between Oct. 17 - Nov. 15. 

If you would like to be an election watcher sign up here.

Questions? Email

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