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Statements of Support

The El Paso County Democratic Party approves the following resolution in support of Colorado State House Bill HB21-1047:

"Consistent with our ongoing commitment to free and fair elections and to the principle that all votes should be counted, the El Paso County Democratic Party supports the passage of HB21-1047, the County Commissioner District Gerrymandering bill, sponsored by Rep. Chris Kennedy and Sen. Pete Lee.

This bill applies the same principles to drawing the boundaries for county commission districts as those being applied by the US Congressional and Legislative Redistricting Commissions for state legislature and the US House districts”.

The El Paso County Democratic Party supports Senate Bill SB 21-026, the "Restoration of Honor Act" sponsored by Colorado State Senator Dominic Moreno and State Representative David Ortiz. The bill provides status for veterans who left the military with "Other Than Honorable" discharges simply because they were LGBTQ Americans with a status equal to those given honorable discharges. Those who were dishonorably discharged are not included in this bill. As host to one of the state's largest veteran populations, and a majority of the state's military infrastructure, El Paso County Democrats are proud of the service all of our veterans provide to our country. For too long, LGBTQ veterans were forced to hide who they were in order to protect us all. It is time for the state to recognize our LGBTQ veterans as equals.


The El Paso County Democratic Party has enhanced our core beliefs to include a strong position of solidarity with the Black community here in Colorado Springs and beyond.  By enhancing our core beliefs to include this position, we are taking a stand that will not only be true today, but will remain true until there is liberty and justice for ALL.

     “Black Lives Matter. It is time for us to speak up and demand a just and equitable society. The police brutality all across this nation that the Black community experiences everyday cannot and will not be tolerated. We will not stand for police or state actions that stifle the first amendment right of those propelled by the spirit of justice to assemble and demand an end to oppression. The time has come to reduce our reliance on policing and bring forward a modern, just and equitable justice system for the people of El Paso County, Colorado, and for our Country. 

     We as the El Paso County Democratic Party will support all legislative initiatives that will establish oversight and accountability, shape a budget that is more reflective of our values, lends a hand to our neighbors in need, and create alternatives to policing that do not endanger the lives of those that should be protected and served. We hope to work with other organizations to make these changes a reality and support direct actions that advance these priorities.
In Solidarity."