Presidential Primary March 3rd 

Party Caucus March 7th Saturday from 2-4


The Unaffiliated Vote in the Primary 

Propositions 107 & 108 give Power to the People! Use it and VOTE!

Regarding the Presidential Primary and Unaffiliated voters - Our Primary is Super Tuesday March 3rd- Unaffiliated Voters can vote in the Presidential Primary.  The state wide Democratic Party caucus is Saturday the 7th of March at 2 pm- See caucus Information tab for listings.  The senate candidates will be narrowed down for the primary in June.  Precinct Organizers are elected (2 per precinct). Democrats build the Democratic Party platform at caucus.  Delegates are chosen to go to the County Assembly to choose candidates by district. 


The passage in November 2016 of Propositions 107 and 108 gave new power to millions of unaffiliated Colorado voters. 


Prop 107 called for a presidential primary to replace Colorado’s current caucus system for assigning presidential delegates.  Perhaps more importantly, both measures gave unaffiliated Colorado voters the right to vote in either Democrat or Republican primary elections.  As Colorado NPR explained, “That means they'd be able to pick a presidential candidate for the general election even though they don't belong to a party.”


Unaffiliated voters MUST choose a ballot and cannot vote on both the Democratic and Republican Primary ballot or their vote is not valid.

El Paso County Democrats welcome this change, as it no longer limits primary elections to only registered voters of a respective party.  In a political system increasingly beholden to big money and special interests, any effort to encourage the vote is good for democracy, and good for our nation. 

Caucuses - as opposed to primaries - are still limited to party members only. Unaffiliated voters may attend/observe Democratic caucuses, but cannot speak or vote. 

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