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4.10.19 Update on Housing Bills in the Legislature that we endorsed in March.

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

HB19-1106 to Limit Rental Application Fees passed the House and Senate; on its way to the Governor's desk for signature into law. This bill limits rental application fees to only what is necessary to run a background check and refund any unused portion to the renter. Link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb19-1106

HB19-1170 Safe & Healthy Homes Act passed the House, amended in the Senate to clean up language; scheduled for conference committee Monday, April 8th at 8:30am. From there, it will go to the Governor for signature into law. This bill provides significant legal authority to tenants to hold landlords accountable for the condition and maintenance of the rental property; renters will be an equal party to the lease contract for the first time in Colorado history. Link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb19-1170

HB19-1118 to Extend the Right to Cure a Lease Violation from 3 days to 10 days passed the Senate Business & Labor Committee on a bipartisan vote; scheduled for debate on the Senate Floor 4.10.19 but laid over due to weather. This bill gives renters a little more time to come up with any shortage in rent due to unforseen personal reasons such as job loss or illness; the intent is to prevent homelessness due to sudden, short-term income loss. There is an amendment, 031, that would extend time AFTER an eviction is filed which undermines the intent of the bill to prevent eviction in the event of a short-term emergency. Ask your Senator to vote NO on the amendment and pass the bill with its intent intact. There were 7,171 evictions filed in El Paso County Court in 2018; this has to stop, give working people a break. Link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb19-1118

SB19-085 Equal Pay for Equal Work passed the Senate as amended to include state employees and persons employed by other persons. This bill would pay a woman the same rate as a man performing the same job duties and would fine employers for violating the law. Please feel free to contact the bill sponsors (see the link to the bill) if you have any questions; it certainly is not clear to me why equal pay for equal work should be as limited as it appears to be. Link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-085

And...We Endorsed New Legislation during the April Execcutive Committee meeting:

SB19-225 to Authorize Local Governments to Stabilize Rent was introduced in the Senate on April 1st and is scheduled for hearing April 10th at 1:30pm in the State Veterans & Military Affairs Committee. This bill repeals the state ban on rent control and gives that power to local city and county decision-makers; this is a critical tool to meet the growing demand for affordable housing and help rollback one of the causes of homelessness. Cities across Colorado, including Colorado Springs, are facing refusals by developers to provide some portion of new development properties as affordable housing; developers argue that providing affordable housing is a form of rent control. Link to the bill: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-225

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