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Fellow Democrats,       Colorado Springs Utilities want more feedback from local businesses on what they want for their IRP (Electric and Natural Gas Integrated Resource Plan) this year. This is a GREAT opportunity to speak up and be heard as a business owner to help Colorado Springs Utilities in their decision making process to close the coal fired Drake power plant as soon as possible, aggressively switch to renewables, keep utility rates low, and help secure our community's health and vitality.       Here  is an easy action item everyone can do; please forward the lower portion of this mail to any friend or acquaintance you have that is a business owner in Colorado Springs. Better yet, call them and tell them to contact Colorado Springs Utilities. The CSU contact person is listed below.

Thank You for  Participating in our Local Democracy!

Electra Johnson, Chair, El Paso County Democratic Party

Dear [name of friend/business owner]

       Colorado Springs Utilities are currently developing their IRP (Electric and Natural Gas Integrated Resource Plan) -- very significant decisions that will impact the El Paso County community; residents and businesses alike. They are reaching out to local business owners to hear what energy/utility needs you have for the immediate future and for the next 5, 10, 20 years down the road. 

Some issues CSUtilities will be voting on this year include: 

A decommission date for Drake coal plant downtown

Incorporating renewable energy sources (e.g. wind and solar power, battery and hydro storage) to keep rates low and take advantage of cheaper renewable energy market  

Changing business model and possibly changing rate structure 

Maintaining resiliency and meeting changing demands

Energy efficiency standards

New State legislation on greenhouse gas reduction

       If any of these issues affects your business, CSUtilities wants to hear about it. They want to have a conversation with you about your business needs and your community needs.  Please e-mail Christian Nelson at CSU - cnelson@csu.org. He's eager to talk to you: 

Christian Nelson

Issues Management

Colorado Springs Utilities

(719) 668-8008

Here is an e-mail you can cut/paste/send to him: 

Dear Mr Nelson, 

My name is ____________ and I own [business name and location]. I understand CSU is making significant decisions this year on a variety of electric and energy related issues that impact our community and you are wanting to hear from more local businesses on our immediate and long-term energy concerns. 

For my business, my most significant concern is ____________. 

(Please describe your business and your economic, environmental, social, market, personal needs or concerns)

I would also like more information on these issues and how CSUtilities will be addressing: ____________________. 

I've heard you may be hosting a round table discussion with local business owners in the next few weeks to continue the conversation on what we want from Colorado Springs Utilities and for our community. Please send me the information on that meeting or other ways I can stay informed.  

Thank you for relaying my business needs to CSUtilities as you move forward. 


332 W. Bijou St., #101, Colorado Springs
719.473.8713 | epcdems@gmail.com
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