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Additional Information for Delegates to the Assembly

Additional Information for Delegates of the El Paso County Democratic Party Assembly

Dear Delegate for the El Paso County Democratic Party Assembly Saturday, March 31th is our El Paso County Assembly on the UCCS Campus. Parking is Free Check in is in the Gallogly Events Center for speakers and delegates and Berger Hall for candidate tables at 1420 Austin Bluffs, Colorado Springs CO 80918 . Come in to the Democratic Party Office office at 332 W. Bijou, #101 (at the courtyard) to pre-register for the Assembly Wed,Thurs, Fri, 28-30, from 10 to 6:30. You will still need to sign in at the assembly on Saturday but you will save time by pre-registering.

El Paso County Assembly

7:45-8:45Check-in for delegates (a separate table will be provided if you pre-checked in.)

9:00 First Gavel

  1. Announcements

  2. Announce the temp officers and declares quorum

  3. Presentation and adoption of credential report and PTO report

  4. Selection of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, to preside over Assembly

  5. Presentation and adoption of Platform report

  6. Nomination of Vacancy Committee, Permanent Org and Credential Org for state and CD-5 assemblies

  7. Looking Forward: Pete Lee

  8. Gubernatorial speeches

11:00-11:15 First official vote for Governor


12:15 Second Gavel

  1. Second official Gubernatorial vote (if necessary)

  2. Attorney General Speeches

  3. State Treasure Speeches

  4. Secretary of State Speeches

  5. CU Regent Speeches

Breakout Info

  1. HD Breakouts

  2. SD Breakouts

  3. Commissioner District Breakouts

2:15 Back to Gallogly Hall

  1. Elect candidates for unfilled countywide offices

  2. Platform Discussions

  3. Present candidates for HD, SD, county commissioner

  4. Present gubernatorial vote

  5. Elect Delegates to State and CD-5 Assemblies


  • We still need candidates in HD 15 and HD 19 / SD2 (which will be determined at the state Assembly because it is in multiple counties) County Seats : COunty Comissioner District 1/ County Clerk/ Assessor/ Treasurer/ Sheriff/ Coroner/ Surveyor (Please consider running for office- your run will help deliver returns at the state level - we need 30% in El Paso County to win state Elections)- You can be nominated from the floor/ seconded and voted upon.

There are several ways you can participate in the assembly on Saturday the 31st and join us in the Democratic process: Email us to:

  • Volunteer to join one of our steering committees

  • Volunteer to help at our county convention

  • Tables are Sold out

Electra Johnson Chair El Paso County Democratic Party General Information : UCCS is a green campus and they do not sell bottled water, you may bring your own refillable water bottle or purchase an El Paso County Democratic Party Aluminum Refillable bottle for $10. We will also have T Shirts for sale for $18 to help us fund your County Assembly. See Images Below

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332 W. Bijou St., #101, Colorado Springs
719.473.8713 | epcdems@gmail.com
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